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Card Party Media Kit

Welcome to the Card Party Media Kit. We want to make it easy for you to use the Card Party branding across different mediums. Here you will find brand guidelines, logo rules, and downloadable assets.

Brand Guidelines

This section will provide you with a set of rules and guidelines for how Card Party shows up in all internal and external collateral. Our goal is to provide a clear brand identity with elements such as logos, colors, and general rules in applying them across all media types.


To maximize the potential of the Card Party identity, fast and easy brand recognition is a must. Please follow these logo usage guidelines to ensure consistency of presentation. Questions? Contact the team at [email protected]


Do not change the logos’ colors

Do not distort, warp, deconstruct or rotate the logos in any way

Do not alter the logos, including replacing words or typefaces

Card party assets

Below you will find downloadable general logos for Card Party Gen. 2 

Download Logos

Available formats: SVG & PNG

Colors & Logos

If you have questions about this guide, need additional elements, or want to make sure your communication fits the Card Party brand, please contact Shannon at [email protected]